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Serendipity Enterprising Solutions

Past and Present Clients Include:

  • Brighton and Hove City Council
  • East Sussex Voluntary Sector Reference Group
  • East Sussex Foster Carers Association
  • Creative Partnerships London North
  • Newhaven Community Development Project
  • Southdown Housing Association
  • Brighton and Hove Enterprise Agency
  • Eastbourne and District Enterprise Agency
  • Whitehawk Crew Club
  • Working Together Project
  • Hastings Voluntary Action

Equal Opportunities Statement:

    Serendipity Enterprising Solutions believes that no individual, group of individuals, or families should be excluded from, or denied access to, any facility, amenity, or service due to age, gender, history, health, sexuality, class, family status, means, ability, colour, ethnic origin, culture, or belief.
    In all aspects of its work SES will ensure that it, its clients, or groups and organisation’s that it is working with does not contravene this belief. This will include employment of staff, support of volunteers and trainees, and the attracting of Associate Consultants.
    All people (paid and unpaid) working on projects with access to children will have undergone a CRB check.
    Any discriminatory behaviour or remarks will be seen as unacceptable. The response to which will aim to be sensitive to the feelings of the victim (s) and to help the perpetrator(s) to understand and overcome their prejudices.
    Information, written and spoken, will be clearly communicated and where required be available in other languages or forms of communication.
    At all times SES reserves its right to withdraw its services from agreements that it believes will run counter to this statement.

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